Wide Eyed in India: Part IV

....Woken by birds and undulating voices calling worshipers to services as the Sunday sun bathed my bed in a shaft of gold..

I rode out to a small church in a village just outside of Hyderabad, listening to gentle voices rising and falling, a moment or and hour passing to reach a final crescendo of song.

 This was a reunion of sorts, as a number of men and women who had grown up the children's home which had once been housed within the church came to see my traveling companions, Janey & Louis DeMeo, the founders of Orphans First.


The reunion stretched into the afternoon, and I ended up filming interviews with each and every one of the alumni.



As the afternoon wore on, people filtered away, leaving behind the building many had grown up in. The old home had been empty for some time, but the lightest of impressions of the life once held within remained.