Wide Eyed in India: A little forward

Summarizing my first experience in India is something I feel woefully unprepared for, as it really was something entirely outside my experience. India was, in a few words, overwhelming, chaotic, awe inspiring at times.......and exceptionally beautiful. 

I think the most poignant part of visiting a place so far removed from the one I'm precocious enough to call "my own" is noticing just how much is the same. There's this common thread of humanity that runs through us all, and seems in the quiet moments to pull us together. 

DSCF0480 b&w.jpg

Of course, the whole impetus for the trip was to photograph the kids in the three Orphan's First homes in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We got to visit the first, in the city of Guntur a day after arriving. As it so happened we were able to stay just a few blocks away.

I've decided to share this adventure of mine just as it unfolded; one day at a time.

-  to be continued  -