Ramblings of a December Night

There's the incredible misconception I see continually recirculated through modern pop culture that a person can only discover themselves/become who they were meant to be through journeys to "exotic" locals and extraordinary deeds. What they fail to realize is that life seldom takes place at these extremes of human ability....I find that the most self-discovering moments, the most developing moments happen within the small, seldom noticed, seldom appreciated confines of everyday existence.

It's the moment where you (gulping down the fear that swells up like a knot in your throat) turn to speak to a perfect stranger without your usual uneasy feelings of rejection or making silly observations about the weather.

It's the moment where you finally broach a topic with one close to you so long rejected.

It's the moment where you can stay in another's company with nary a word or action and still feel as if you've grown closer to them.

It's the moment where you regain the strength to continue chasing after the infinite.

Truly, the extraordinary moments end up being simply the sum of all the rarely acted upon opportunities observant individuals make a point of noticing. So perhaps, rather than worry about how we'll scale that most noteworthy of mountaintops, we should be focusing a little of our considerable energy on noticing the nuances of life that we are so often too busy to notice. Maybe extraordinary comes down to stopping every so often and watching life stream around us, looking wide-eyed for those who are consciously or unconsciously doing the same.